• July/Aug 2016 pending…
  • Jun/July 2016 AGN +22.4%
  • Jun/July 2016 TWTR -14.9%
  • May/Jun 2016 FB +13.7%
  • Apr/May 2016 DVN -23.2%
  • Apr/May 2016 AAPL +25%
  • Mar/Apr 2016 HZNP +25%
  • Feb/Mar 2016 TSLA +16.3%
  • Feb/Mar 2016 DIS +16.1%
  • Jan/Feb 2016 NFLX +18.5%
  • Jan/Feb 2016 FB +23.2%
  • Dec/Jan 2016 AAPL +27%
  • Dec/Jan 2016 AAL +16.6%

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